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Boston-Haifa Connection Programs

The best way to learn about Israel is by meeting the people who live there. That's why we're creating personal connections among Jews in Boston and our sister city of Haifa. Through programs and partnerships, we're fostering Jewish identity, empowering at-risk families in Haifa, connecting youth in Boston and Haifa and more.

Youth & Families at Risk

This pilot program works with parents of young children to ensure their kids get the support they need for a bright future.

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Jewish Education & Identity

Learn how students, educators and parents are exploring their Jewish identity in meaningful ways.

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Young Leaders

Discover how young adults in Boston and Haifa are working together to create vibrant, welcoming communities.

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Hatikvah Officers Mission

Meet the young men and women who defend Israel and hear their personal stories.

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Ethiopian Jews

See how we're empowering Haifa's growing immigrant population with education, career training and healthcare.

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Living Bridges

Connect with your peers in Haifa and forge meaningful friendships for life.

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Economic Development

See how we're supporting Haifa's young entrepreneurs and business leaders to help strengthen their community and keep young adults in Haifa.

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