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CJP’s 2014 Superstars

Every other month, CJP recognizes three volunteers who have made a bigger difference in our community. Meet the individuals who are raising more money, engaging more people and driving transformative ideas through CJP.


A CJP Superstar:

  • ADVOCATES for our community – talks about CJP and how we help people in Greater Boston, Israel and overseas
  • CONNECTS others to our work – leverages social, professional and personal networks; educates peers and starts conversations about CJP
  • SUPPORTS CJP by securing new and increased gifts, and by getting gift commitments in early.
  • BUILDS our community by participating in important decisions
  • ENGAGES people in our work – brings others to events and community activities

Allyson Jaffe, Judith Sydney, and Allison Wecker

Allyson, Judith, and Allison have been absolutely phenomenal as co-chairs of the Women’s Philanthropy Pomegranate Society & Friends Event. Under their leadership, committee meetings were fun and educational, and committee members were more engaged, with many making increased gifts as a result. The event attracted more than 400 women and raised $150,000 in one evening. Thanks to all of Allyson, Judith and Allison’s hard work, we expect to see a lot of new ‘regulars’ at future Women’s Philanthropy events! See photos from the event!

Leslie Pucker

In her role as co-chair of Boston-Haifa’s Horim Bamercaz/Parents at the Center Committee, Leslie has been working tirelessly to strengthen families in the Kiryat Eliezer and Bat Galim neighborhoods of Haifa. Working hand-in-hand with volunteers and staff alike, both in Boston and in Haifa, Leslie is guided by her Jewish values and passion for social service. Leslie's dedication, warm personality and insightful leadership have made a lasting contribution to Haifa and Israel for generations to come.

Morris Singer

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for creating personal connections, Morris Singer has excelled at creating meaningful change for young adults. He joined the Boston-Haifa Connection Young Leaders Committee in 2009, and became the Boston co-chair in 2012. Morris has brought his vision to help create numerous delegations in Boston, including the Young Lawyers Mission in 2012 and this past year’s Entrepreneurship/Jewish Identity Mission. He has also led the committee in fostering key opportunities for collaboration between Bostonians and Haifaim on issues of law, social justice, Jewish identity, and economic opportunity, which enrich the lives of young professionals in both cities. This work has helped to cement personal connections between our Haifa and Boston communities, which are key to advancing our collaborative work.

2014 Superstars

Bill Gabovitch & Richard Glovsky
Beverly Siegal
Anna Weiss
Monique Bamel, Leslie Fine and Susan Wilk
Marjorie Patkin
Maxine Zarchan
Emily Leventhal
Dena Rashes and Gabe Sunshine
Neal Shanske