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Your Dollars at Work

How do we decide where the money goes? We don't. You do! CJP and community volunteers work year-round to make sure your gift is helping as many people as possible, where it's needed most.

Committees of volunteers meet regularly to discuss issues impacting Jewish populations, reassess community needs, research new programs and evaluate the effectiveness of CJP programs on the community at large.

This process informs where we invest funds — ensuring that each program meets the changing needs of the community for the brightest possible future.

Together we're making a bigger difference.

Thanks to you, CJP is investing $46,476,000 in our community for FY2014
(July 2013 through June 2014).

We’ll strengthen the safety net

  • Helping local families in crisis, the elderly and people with disabilities ($9,024,657)
  • Connecting volunteers to our community ($769,275)
  • Supporting local organizations that create educational and employment opportunities ($305,364)

We’ll build a vibrant Jewish future

  • Connecting families with young children to Jewish life and community ($1,391,327)
  • Inspiring kids, teens and parents with innovative approaches to Jewish education ($13,548,675)
  • Engaging college students in Jewish life and Israel advocacy efforts on campus ($4,552,682)
  • Involving young adults in civic leadership ($1,168,636)
  • Welcoming interfaith families ($3,181,258)

We’ll strengthen our global community

  • Advocating for a safe and secure Israel ($1,740,330)
  • Helping people in need in Israel and around the world ($4,541,636)
  • Building strong connections between Greater Boston and Israel ($3,729,909)

An additional $2,522,250 will go toward community organizations that share CJP’s goals.