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Teddy Sunshine's Speech

Hi I'm Teddy Sunshine.  This week we learned about the Ethiopian Jews and how hard it is for them to be Ethiopian Jews living in Israel. 

Today I will talk about what the Jewish community in Boston is doing to help these Ethiopian Jews feel more like they belong in Israel among the Jewish people.

In Boston, an organization called CJP, also known as the Combined Jewish Philanthropies, helps Ethiopian Jewish children in Haifa go to school and get the medicine they need when they are sick.  It helps their parents find jobs and learn Hebrew.  It also teaches others not to look down on Ethiopian Jews just because they look different or speak a different language.

CJP's program is called Shiluvim which means integration or bringing people who are different together as one. Today, Shiluvim serves 5,500 Ethiopian Jews living in Haifa and 260 new Ethiopian families who have come to Haifa from other parts of Israel.  Because of this program, more Ethiopian Jews have jobs that allow them to support their families.

Here is a picture of my mom and dad with an Ethiopian Jew named Negatie Gobaw.  Negatie means "dawn" or "daybreak". He used to be a goat herder in the Ethiopian dessert.  His family was very poor.  He couldn't read or write.  He had no books and had very little food. 

But today after studying at the Technion which is a great school like MIT in Boston, he programs rockets for the Israeli Defense Forces which is so cool.  We hope there will be many more Ethiopian Jews like him.

Do you know where CJP gets the money to help Ethiopian Jews?  It comes from all our families here in Boston, from our moms and dads, and you and me.  I also found out that the word philanthropy comes from the Greek word philos which means love and anthropos which means people

It makes me feel good that we show our love for others by sharing what we have with those who have less.  Even though we are far away, our Boston Jewish community is doing a lot to help Ethiopian Jews.

This week, I have decided to donate some of my chore money to help the Ethiopian Jews.  I invite all of you to join me in doing the same.