2012 Circle of Excellence Award Winners


Jonathan M. Sandler

Jon Sandler demonstrates exceptional, tireless and unparalleled leadership in Greater Boston’s Jewish community. Jon served as the 2011-2012 co-chair of CJP's Cynthia and Leon Shulman Acharai Leadership Program, along with his mentor and friend, Myra H. Kraft (z”l). In her absence, Jon made sure this Acharai class was a tribute to her legacy. His dedication and commitment to the class have been an inspiration — encouraging them to pursue their passions as leaders in the Jewish community. In addition to chairing Acharai, Jon serves on CJP’s Board of Directors, chairs CJP's Israel Advocacy Committee and is a member of CJP’s Committee on Strategic Priorities. Previously, he co-chaired CJP’s 2010 Annual Campaign with Myra, served on CJP's Overseas Allocation Committee and, with Cynthia Shulman, was a founding Co-Chair of CJP’s Board of Governors. Jon is also a Trustee of the Rashi School, and was a co-chair of its successful Capital Campaign, which built Rashi’s wonderful new school. Jon is an exemplary leader who continues to move our community forward from strength to strength.

The GROWTH Award:

Ann Levin

Serving in her second and final year as president of Women’s Philanthropy (WP), Ann Levin has always gone above and beyond for her co-chairs, WP members and CJP professionals. As president, she’s helped define and realize WP’s vision and successfully implement its strategic goals, continually pushing events and programs “to the next level.” She approaches each and every task with thoughtfulness, dedication and passion, consistently asking herself how she can inspire others to become more involved in the community. From fundraising efforts to event attendance (to name only a few), Ann has grown WP both in numbers and in spirit. In the last five years, Ann’s taken on additional roles, including co-chair of the National Women’s Philanthropy Heart to Heart Mission to Israel and member of CJP’s Board of Directors. She also serves as vice president and board member of Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly. Her ever-growing involvement is a beacon of support to CJP as well as the greater Boston Jewish community.


Barnett C. Helzberg III

For nearly a decade, Barnett Helzberg has played a central role behind the scenes at CJP. As manager of data reporting and analysis, Barnett’s expertise and strategic thinking have resulted in the development of CJP’s business intelligence technology—a critical initiative in supporting the annual campaign process. He took the time to understand what each fundraiser needs in a data system and then created an entirely new one based on his findings. Throughout his tenure, Barnett has served in a variety of leadership roles within the Finance and Information Technology departments. His willingness to take on new and difficult projects often goes under the radar because of his deeply humble and kind nature. Always willing to learn a new process or help someone else understand one, Barnett is endlessly patient and a wonderful teacher. His unwavering commitment and dedication play direct roles in CJP’s success. Barnett is truly an exceptional CJP employee and extremely deserving of this recognition.