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Take Action for Israel

Israel is fighting a war on two fronts – heavily armed terrorists in Gaza and a worldwide media barrage that all too often distorts Israel’s actions. IDF spokeswoman Avital Leibovich said the most important thing Jews in America can do for Israel is to help spread the truth. Here are ways you can help.

  • Tweet the truth! Find news stories about the people of Israel and the extraordinary measures Israel is taking to Tweet it using the hashtags, #Rally4Israel, #Just15Seconds #IsraelUnderFire and #FreedomFromFear. Follow @CJPIsrael for up-to-the-minute updates.

  • Share pro-Israel images and stories on Facebook! Find the “Just 15 Seconds” image at  and share it on your page.  Follow for more ideas, images and sharable news stories.

  • Email your friends. Stories like this one – purportedly showing a child killed by the IDF when he in reality died at the hands of a misfired Hamas rocket – are making their way around the world. Meanwhile, stories about Israelis suffering under fire – including this disabled teenager unable to leave a bomb shelter – are ignored outside of Israel.

  • Share blogs from Israel. Ordinary Israelis living their lives under the constant threat of rocket attacks have set up their own blogs and are an excellent way to learn about the terrible toll the conflict is having on civilians. Click here to learn more.

  • Contribute. Visit this page for information on Israel’s most urgent needs and how your generosity can make a difference.

  • Write to local newspapers – not just the Globe and Herald, but your hometown paper, with letters telling me members of your community why you  support  Israel’s right to live in peace.

  • Call local radio shows. Hear comments about Israel that skew the facts? Call in and set the record straight.

  • Be an active blog commenter. Israel is losing a war of words on widely read news sites including, and others. Comment on articles about the conflict. Remind people that Israeli civilians have been targeted by terrorist rockets an average of three times a day – for more than a decade!

  • Thank members of Congress and President Obama for their support of Israel and the Iron Dome anti-missile system which is saving lives throughout the Jewish State. Visit our friends at AIPAC for more information.