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Take Action for Israel

Israel is fighting a war on two fronts – The IDF is acting to stop Hamas and its 10,000 rockets from Gaza while advocates for Israel are confronting distortions on social networks and in traditional media. You can help, right now. Here are 8 simple ways:

  1. 1. Spread the word about our ad campaign, “Stop Hamas.” Find images, videos and resources at and use social media and email and stand up for Israel. 
  2. 2. Stay informed. Read The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz and/or Ynet News or other sources. Post articles that show what Israelis have been enduring since the abduction and murder of three Israeli teens last month.
  3. 3. Post, share, tweet and email. Use social media to show your support for Israel. Follow CJP Israel Advocacy on Facebook and Twitter to find articles to post on your own wall or re-tweet on your Twitter feed.

    • Tweet using the hashtags, #StandUpForIsrael, #Just15Seconds and #IsraelUnderFire. Follow @CJPIsrael for re-tweetable up-to-the-minute updates.
    • Share pro-Israel images and stories on Facebook! Find sharable pro-Israel images at and and share it on your page. “Like” for more ideas, images and sharable news stories.
    • isit and read the latest user-posted content about the conflict. Post, like and tweet stories to share with your friends and networks.
  4. 4. Tell Israel’s side. The world has become increasingly hostile to Israel, whether it’s through the misguided, hateful boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns or more overt anti-Semitism.
  5. 5. Write to local newspapers – not just the Globe and Herald, but your hometown paper, with letters telling members of your community why you support Israel’s right to live in peace.
  6. 6. Call local radio shows. Hear comments about Israel that skew the facts? Call in and set the record straight.
  7. 7. Download Red Alert. This app tells you each time a rocket is headed toward Israel. Show your friends the frequency of these attacks and tell them about the toll it’s taking on Israel’s children.
  8. 8. Be an active commenter. Israel is losing a war of words on widely read news sites including,,, and others. Comment on articles about the conflict. Remind people that Israeli civilians have been targeted by terrorist rockets an average of three times a day – for more than a decade.