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Religious Education (JLC)

We're breathing new life into Jewish education for kids and their families—making it relevant, interesting and meaningful so it stays with them for life. Through innovation, technology, leadership development and teacher excellence, we're reinventing the learning experiences of children in grades K-12 and their families who seek Jewish education in part-time, supplementary settings.

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Innovative Models: JLC Pilot Programs

Learn about the various pilot programs currently in place at synagogues throughout Greater Boston.

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Technology Integration: Tools and Fellowships

From webquests and netbooks to virtual classrooms and online tools, discover how technology is shaping education and the fellowships and tools available to you.

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Leadership Opportunities

Turn your vision into a reality through seminars, site visits, networking events and more. Whether you're a parent, teacher, committee member or rabbi, take advantage of these leadership opportunities.

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Excellent Teachers: Investing in Education

We're giving you the tools you need to succeed. Learn about our latest education initiatives, special education services and local teaching conferences.

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