CJP Code of Conduct

CJP is committed to providing an environment that is free of sexual and other harassment based on sex, race, or any other personal characteristic protected under federal or state law.  We have a policy for staff and a separate policy that applies to any officer or member of the Board of Directors or a member of any CJP committee, who engages in prohibited discrimination or harassment, clearly stating that they will be subject to discipline up to and including removal from his or her leadership or membership position. These policies also prohibit offensive conduct that, while not unlawful, are not appropriate in the workplace, a professional environment, or a CJP-related event.

CJP Policy on Risks Posed by Donor Conduct

CJP seeks to ensure that we are respectful of the safety and dignity of people, in accord with our obligations as an employer, a public charity, a fiduciary and a Jewish communal organization. In this spirit we maintain a Policy on Risks Posed by Donor Conduct, defined as conduct by a donor that poses a material risk to the safety of CJP’s staff, volunteers or other persons, our ability to pursue and fulfill our mission, or our reputation as a trusted, thoughtful and transparent steward of philanthropic and human capital. It also includes offensive behavior or unlawful harassment as detailed in CJP’s Code of Conduct for volunteer leaders and CJP’s Employee Handbook.