Imagining Our Shared Jewish Future

In September, CJP kicked off a new year, shared gratitude with our honorees, and heard inspiring words from Rabbi Marc Baker on his first year as President and CEO.

As he addressed the audience, Marc looked toward the future, asking those in attendance to imagine what Jewish Boston could look like — and what we could accomplish — if we transform how we work together as a community.

“We need one another, and the world needs us to be together and to work together, to find creative and collective solutions to our most challenging problems,” he said. “Because the kinds of challenges that I heard on my listening tour, that keep me and I know so many of you up at night, are not ones that we can solve alone. This is where CJP comes in, and this is where you come in.

View the excerpts below from Rabbi Marc Baker's speech.

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Inverting the Pyramid

We're Done Waiting

Three Paradoxes of the Moment

Imagine What We Can Do Together


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Watch the video to view Rabbi Marc Baker’s full remarks at From Strength to Strength, or read the transcript.