Greater Boston Jewish Community Study 2025

Every 10 years, we commission an in-depth study of our Greater Boston Jewish community, designed to give us a better and clearer understanding of who we are, what we need, the challenges we’re facing, and the opportunities we can leverage to build a stronger, more vibrant Jewish future. From our beliefs to our experiences to our relationships with Judaism and Israel, these insights inform our understanding of, and planning for, our community.

Your feedback will help us create our study. 
We’re asking for you to fill out a brief questionnaire designed to capture the insights, gaps in care, queries, and concerns you would like to see addressed. 

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2017 Strategic Plan

Learn about CJP's Strategic Plan and how we are bringing it to life.


The 2015 Greater Boston Jewish Community Study

Learn about the changes in our community since the last study 10 years ago—re-urbanization, significant shifts in denominational affiliation, broad-based Israel travel (74 percent of all young adults!) and an array of engagement patterns. 

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2008 Strategic Plan


2008 Subcommittee Reports

These reports offer insight and direction into CJP's three priorities:

2005 Intermarried Families and Their Children Report

Learn how intermarried families in Greater Boston are raising their children.


2005 Community Study Report

Learn about the increase in the Jewish population in 2005, and how specific challenges impacted Boston's Jewish community.


National Jewish Population Study (NJPS)

The NJPS 2000-01 is a representative survey of Jews in the U.S. sponsored by JFNA and the Jewish federation system.


Additional Studies

Find additional studies of American Jewish communities at the North American Jewish Data Bank.