Your Dollars at Work


How do we decide where your money goes? We don’t — you do. CJP and volunteers work year-round to make sure your gift goes where it's needed most, helping as many people as possible.

Committees of volunteers meet regularly to discuss issues impacting Jewish populations, reassess community needs, research new initiatives, and evaluate the effectiveness of CJP programs on the community at large.

This process informs where we invest funds — ensuring that each program meets the changing needs of the community for a brighter tomorrow.

Thanks to you, CJP is allocating $63,000,000 for FY18 (July 2017 through June 2018).

We'll address our community's most urgent needs by:

  • Acting on our Jewish values in partnership with others to build a more just and peaceful world
  • Expanding our community-wide, groundbreaking work to alleviate Jewish poverty through coordinated case management and comprehensive, wrap-around services
  • Helping people of all abilities lead fulfilling lives as valued members of our community