Acharai (Hebrew for “follow me”) suggests a call to action and a willingness to step forward. Acharai has been a vehicle for Jewish leadership growth for the past 42 years, deepening individual passions, stewarding thought partners for CJP and the greater community, and forming strong networks of leaders across Jewish organizations.

About Acharai

Since the program began, more than 275 individuals have participated and increased the reach of their leadership in the community. Graduates have distinguished themselves on CJP’s Board of Directors and Committees, as synagogue and day school presidents, and on local and national agency boards.

Acharai’s goal is to cultivate deeply committed leaders who will make a positive impact throughout the Greater Boston Jewish community and beyond. Through shared experiences, intensive discussion, travel, study, and reflection, participants establish deeper connections with CJP, the Jewish community, and Israel. Graduates form lasting bonds with their cohort, expanding networks within Jewish Boston, and driving forward CJP’s vision for a vibrant Jewish future.

2023-2024 Acharai Program Details

The current Acharai class begins in December of 2023, with approximately 10 sessions spanning a 12-month period.

Participants receive an in-depth look at the important issues facing Jewish leaders today through interactive discussions led by distinguished Jewish leaders, scholars, and policy makers. In addition, the program provides opportunities for group discussion, text study, reflection, and bonding.

Highlights of the program are a mission to Israel and an overnight retreat designed exclusively for Acharai participants.

To learn more about the Acharai program and what to expect, please contact Julia Pollack, Senior Director, Volunteer Leadership, at 617-457-8851 or