Building the Next Acharai Class

We seek outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds who have shown a commitment to lead, a willingness to step forward, and a desire to help transform CJP and our community. In order to be considered for Acharai, all participants must be nominated. Enrollment is limited to 20 people who demonstrate the talents and skills needed to lead our Jewish community for years to come.

The Nomination Process

Thank you for your interest in nominating a candidate for Acharai!

Nominations for the 2023-2024 Acharai class open on Thursday, June 15.


We will extend interviews to top candidates over the summer. Nominators will be informed of the final class in the fall.

Please note: The Acharai selection process is highly competitive. Since there is limited space available, please do not notify candidates that they have been recommended.


Acharai is CJP’s premier leadership program for individuals who:

  • Have been active in CJP and/or with other Jewish organizations and have demonstrated leadership

- OR -

  • Are newly or marginally involved and are viewed as up-and-coming leaders


Please note the following as you consider your nominations:

  • While Acharai is subsidized by CJP, participants will be asked to pay for mission flights and a one-time fee which offset the costs of the Acharai mission and program
  • Acharai participants will be expected to attend all learning sessions, participate in an overseas mission and an overnight retreat, serve as CJP ambassadors, and make a meaningful gift to the CJP Annual Campaign
  • Couples may not participate in Acharai at the same time
  • The Acharai program seeks nominations from diverse backgrounds that reflect the diversity and pluralism of our community
  • We welcome the participation of people of all abilities, backgrounds, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations, and we believe this diversity strengthens the leadership perspectives of our Acharai classes

To learn more about the Acharai program and what to expect, please contact Julia Pollack, Senior Director, Volunteer Leadership, at 617-457-8851 or