Arts and Culture Community Impact Grant Fund

Calling all artists! Do you have a passion for creating artwork that explores Jewish identity?

Do you dream of sharing your art with the Greater Boston community?

CJP’s Arts and Culture Community Impact Grants help individuals and collaborative groups make their artistic visions a reality. Together, we can explore and appreciate the beauty of Jewish arts and culture.

Combined Jewish Philanthropies is pleased to announce our FY24 Arts and Culture Community Impact Grant Fund (the “Fund”). The Fund was developed to support artists, enrich our community through culture, and explore the depth of Jewish experience and memory.

Through the application process, we hope to maximize our awareness and response to artists and the Greater Boston arts and culture community.

FY24 Important notes

  • Missed our Grant Fund Information Session? View the presentation here.
  • The online form for Letters of Intent is open until Thursday, August 31 
  • If you need to pause in the middle of the LOI application, please feel free to use this Word version of the LOI application to save your answers, as Wufoo may not do so

CJP mission

To inspire and mobilize the diverse Boston Jewish community to engage in building communities of learning that strengthen Jewish life and improve the world.

Arts and Culture Community Impact Fund guidelines

Guiding principles

CJP’s Arts and Culture Community Impact Grant Fund seeks to support art that:

  • Embraces the diversity and complexity of Jewish identity, community, and tradition
  • Sparks questions, fosters curiosity, or invites communal dialogue on a range of topics both within the Jewish community and/or across diverse communities  
  • Creatively interprets or reinvents Jewish teachings, ritual, tradition, or Jewish life

Each project must address at least two of these guiding principles.


  • Applicants must live within CJP’s catchment area
  • Applicants may apply as an individual or as a collaboration among multiple artists. For applications as a group, at least 70% of the artists must live within CJP’s catchment area.
  • Applicants must have a proven track record of producing and presenting work in artistic mediums. Both self-taught and institutionally trained artists are welcome to apply. There is no requirement for minimum years of experience.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older (including all members of a group application)
  • Applicants who received funding from the Arts & Culture Community Impact Fund in the previous funding year (2022-2023) are not eligible to apply for the current funding cycle
  • Projects including hate speech, violence, or which discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, or age will not be considered
  • Projects that are part of an artist’s work for an employer or for educational credit are not eligible for consideration
  • Finished projects must initially be presented in CJP's catchment area

Funding opportunities and requirements

Funding amounts are inclusive of project completion and presentation to the community. 

Grant amount

  • $7,500 grants (10 available): These grants will be awarded to projects by either individual artists or collaborative groups of artists. Artists of all artistic disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Grant requirements

  • Grantees will be required to sign a grant agreement outlining quarterly project check-ins, one mandatory in-person gathering, completion deadlines, and reporting/measurement requirements
  • Grantees will have 12 months from the date the grant agreement is signed to complete their work (with the ability to apply for a slight extension if needed)
  • Project and publicity materials for your program receiving funding must include the CJP logo (available at and this tagline: This project is supported by a grant from the Combined Jewish Philanthropies Arts and Culture Community Impact Grant Fund
  • Grantees will be required to engage community members through at least one communal engagement workshop/presentation/performance/installation/discussion, etc. Finished projects must initially be presented in CJP's catchment area.

Timing of process

  • Grant Fund Information Session - Wednesday, July 26 at 10:00 a.m. on Zoom. To view the recording, click here.
  • LOI open: Tuesday, August 1. For a word copy of the LOI, please click here
  • LOI due: Thursday, August 31
  • Invitation to submit full application: first week of October 2023
  • Full applications due: Thursday, November 2 
  • Final grant decisions communicated: last week of November 2023


For any questions, please contact Sophie Krentzman, CJP Director, Arts and Culture, at