Fate, Destiny, and the New Year

By Barry Shrage, CJP President

As my family and I prepare to celebrate the High Holidays, we will be thinking about what the new year will hold for us and our friends, for our community, and for the world. Jewish tradition teaches that we are compelled not to simply accept our fate, but to work toward a destiny of our own making. When we are surrounded by events that make us want to look away, the act of teshuvah has more meaning than ever: as we turn toward a new year and turn to repent, we also turn toward our future. What will that future be, and how do we get there together?

I invite you to take a moment to watch my High Holidays video message below, and to share your thoughts with me.



Barry Shrage

About the Author

A passionate advocate for Jews in Greater Boston and around the world, CJP President Barry Shrage has worked tirelessly to create an inclusive community and drive positive change.

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