Our Birthright Top 10

By Rebecca Manning and Ariella Honig, CJP staff and winter Birthright Trip Leaders

Thinking about registering for Birthright? The experience Is-Rael! 


 From Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea to the Negev, Israel is literally picture perfect. Need we say more?Ramat Gan, Photo Credit Ariella Honig2. Bar mitzvahs on top of Masada

Missed your bar/bat mitzvah? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Connect to your roots in the holiest of spots. TBH, can we do it again as adults too?3. Dead Sea

Channel your inner Conan O'Brien and bring a newspaper to the Dead Sea. Watch the shock on your friends’ faces as they float for the first time.4. Shuks/Artists Markets

#SpendTheShecks buying beautiful jewelry, eating lots of candy, and buying your grandma a magnet that says “Israel” that she asked you for a year in advance. 5. Food

One thing is fo’ sho, you will not go hungry on Birthright. From incredible breakfast spreads to street falafel, the food in Israel is truly sababa (cool). You’ll be questioning why you never ate veggies for breakfast in the U.S.

6. Practicing Hebrew with Israelis

Just say, “Tov” and “Yalla” and you’ll be speaking like that person who went on Birthright that one time.7. Mount Herzl

Standing on Mount Herzl and seeing Theodor Herzl's grave will be powerful reminders of how lucky you are to be in the land of Israel that was only a dream for so many of our ancestors. You'll hear firsthand stories from your Israeli friends, which will make it an even more meaningful experience.

8. Bus Rides with Israeli Music

Bus rides are for catchin' straight zzzz's or raging, no in-between. Days are long, so bus rides are for getting pumped up with our new favorite Israeli tunes or taking some great naps. (See photographic evidence below)

9. X-Treme Activities 

Birthright really goes all out on the x-treme sports (lol). From hiking and ATVing to camel riding with your squad, be prepared to explore Israel in new and adventurous ways. This is Israel Outdoors, after all.

10. Friends 4 Lyfe

But honestly, the best part of Birthright is the mishpacha (family) you will make over the course of 10 days. Even when you’re back from Israel, you have a community of new friends to grab drinks and have a Shabbat dinner with. This is what Birthright is all about!Questions? Challah at us: Ariella and Rebecca

Ready to go on your Birthright adventure? CJP is taking another trip to the Holy Land this summer from Sunday, June 28 to Thursday, July 9! Register now! 


Rebecca Manning is a Development Officer at CJP. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking new recipes, hanging out with her nieces and nephew, spending time outside, and playing tennis.

Ariella Honig is the Digital Marketing Specialist at CJP. One of the many hats Ariella wears at CJP is being the producer and co-host of the israel360 podcast (tune in and explore Israel with us). In her free time Ariella enjoys volunteering as a Big Sister with Jewish Big Brother Big Sisters, cooking, listening to podcasts, and relishing the Boston theatre scene!

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