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Desecrating God's Name; Weakening the Nation. Hilltop Youth Must be Stopped

By Barry Shrage, President of CJP

A video, released last week on Israeli television, showed the Jerusalem wedding of a right-wing couple. It featured friends of the suspected assailants in the July firebomb attack on a home in the Palestinian village of Duma. In the video, party-goers stab …

On Saying ‘Yes’

By Joan Yenawine, CJP Staff

As someone with two kids, a full-time job, a three-hour round trip commute and a partly-written novel, I have become an expert at saying ‘no’ to people who want me to expend more energy, time or money.

Can you volunteer an entire Saturday to sell baked goods…

Demagogues, Fear, and the Threat to Our Nation and Our People

By Barry Shrage, President of CJP
My father, Nathan Shrage (z"l), loved and valued this country and everything it stood for. He was a child of immigrant parents who had come to America only a few years before he was born. He understood well what life had been like for his parents in Poland, …

We Are the Shamash

By Chelsea Rubin, CJP Staff

“The shamash is the candle on the menorah that lights all other candles…we each are like the shamash. We each have the ability within us to light up other people—to light up their lives, their smiles, with a positive statement which is being a good friend o…

8 Nights, 8 Windows: A Chanukah Celebration in Boston

By Barry Shrage, President of CJP

Chanukah reminds us every year that light can banish darkness and that even in difficult times, it is our obligation to bring light into the world. I can't imagine a moment in recent years when we've needed the light of Chanukah more. The world seems covere…