Board of Directors member

Boston Free Loan Society PO Box 239, Pinehurst MA

Seeking volunteers Board of Directors members for Boston Free Loan Society (BFSL).
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Qualifications: One or more of the following is desirable:

1) Specific experience and knowledge relating to the activity areas of BLFS, such as social work, counseling, finance, aiding persons in financial distress, etc.

2) Experience in operations of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, such having served on the Board, or as an officer, administrator, employee, or volunteer in a charitable organization.

3) Having connections in the Boston Jewish and charitable organization community, to help spread the work to potential borrowers, new board members, new volunteers, donors, and other resources to help BFLS.


1) Attend Board of Directors meetings. There in an Annual Board Meeting, which has been online over the past few years. No more than four meetings per year are anticipated.

2) Be available to provide advice as needed to the Officers and other Board members. Most contact will be by email, phone, and text. There may be occasional written Board Resolutions to sign.

3) Some Board members will play a larger operational role, primarily in interviewing loan candidates and participating in the loan approval process. This activity is currently only a few hours per month.

This is an unpaid, volunteer position.

Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree Preferred and 3-5 years of experience.