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Request for Proposals: Curriculum Design
Makom Afterschool – Toronto, ON

Makom Afterschool provides high-quality, pluralistic Jewish and Hebrew-language education in neighbourhood public schools to students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 5. Children from the diversity of downtown Jewish families grow as ethical, engaged, and empowered Jews and find their place in our warm and welcoming community.

Makom Afterschool is a signature program of Makom: Creative Downtown Judaism. Makom is an inclusive community fusing Jewish tradition and progressive values through spirituality, learning and culture. Makom inspires diverse participants to explore together how Judaism can meaningfully enrich their lives.

Makom Afterschool seeks an experienced, creative curriculum designer or team of designers trained in education methodologies to design a multi-year, spiraling Hebrew and Jewish learning curriculum for our school.

The project is to be completed by June 2023, with various deliverables throughout the project timeline.
The final deliverables will include:
● A set of learning outcomes, developed in close consultation with Makom’s Rabbi, specifying the learning achievements expected of students at key points in their progression through Makom Afterschool. These learning outcomes will be based on Makom’s curricular goals (available on request), covering Hebrew-language comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing; Shabbat and holidays; Torah narratives; and mitzvot and Jewish values.
● A multi-year, spiraling curriculum designed to achieve these learning outcomes. The curriculum must be user-friendly and accessible for teachers without education degrees to use to design lesson plans.
● A chart of monthly learning milestones for specific grades, including both Hebrew language and Jewish learning
● Identification of and curricular connection with workbook series that will support Hebrew learning goals
● Background information and resources with which teachers can further educate themselves

The curriculum should be designed to work in the context of Makom Afterschool’s program:
● Two afternoons per week
● Students in JK through Grade 5, split into 2- or 3-grade classes
● Strong emphasis on teachers and students speaking Hebrew in class
● Rich Jewish content presented in a pluralistic manner
● Active, engaging, and fun classes
● In-person classes; not screen-based
● Inclusion of diverse Jewish family compositions, backgrounds, and approaches to Jewish life

The Curriculum Designer will undertake the project immediately, with portions implemented and trialled throughout the 2022-2023 school year. The project will be completed by June 2023 for use by teachers the following school year.

Please submit proposals to, including the following:
● Proposal outlining how you would create a curriculum suited to Makom Afterschool
● Proposed timeline for this project, including process, deliverables, and budget
● Samples from one or more curricula you have written for elementary students
● Resume or biography of project team member(s), highlighting experience in Jewish and Hebrew education and curricular design

Total curriculum budget should not exceed $25,000, including all taxes.

Application deadline: March 6, 2022.

For more information about Makom Afterschool, please visit our website:

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree Required and 3-5 years of experience.