Lech-Lecha is Seeking Trek Leaders

Lech-Lecha Journeys 30 Brookshire Rd, Worcester MA

Lech-Lecha is seeking inspired, experienced, and capable trek leaders for our transformative outdoor adventures! If you have a passion for facilitating meaningful Jewish encounter, personal growth, and communal bonding for teens and adults in the wonder of nature, Lech-Lecha is the place for you! We have treks all the way from the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Shenandoah River in Virginia to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

​About Lech-Lecha
Lech-Lecha facilitates empowering journeys into the outdoors that catalyze personal and spiritual growth, connection with the wonder of Hashem’s creation, meaningful interpersonal relationships, and joyful community deeply rooted in Torah and a holistic approach to Jewish practice.
Lech Lecha envisions a vibrant community of outdoor adventurers embarking on a Jewish future animated by our heritage and inspired by the ecological synergy of Hashem’s creation. We see an empowered generation courageously building lives and communities committed to growth and wholeness. Lech-Lecha לך-לך is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

​We strongly encourage people with diverse backgrounds and identities to apply.
Position Description
Lech Lecha’s Trek Leaders are guides, teachers, and friends. Our experienced team of leaders train together and support one another to facilitate safe, professional treks, share and encourage deep and connecting content, and build authentic relationships with participants, forming a beautiful community. We are developing a roster of Trek Leaders for this summer and beyond. If interested but currently unavailable, please apply to join our Trek Leaders Roster.
Prior: Every trek leader will participate in an in-depth training program focusing on wilderness safety protocols, program logistics, and investing personally designed content into your trek. Leaders must arrive at the trailhead two hours prior to participant arrival in order to prepare communal gear and food prior to the trek’s departure.

During: As your trek’s co-leader, you are responsible for all elements of your trek’s implementation. Throughout your trek you will have our team as backup support if you need to be in touch and have questions, assuming you are able to find cell phone service. Every trek that is not within cell phone service will have a SAT device with them in case of emergency. Emergency protocols will be detailed during staff training. Responsibilities include:
Safety: ensuring the safety of every leader and participant is our highest priority. Lech-Lecha לך-לך trek leaders must be prepared for potential injury in the field. Additionally, leaders are responsible for reporting all injuries that occur.
Guiding: staying on course, guiding participants from campsite to campsite, keeping a steady pace, and ensuring arrival at camp with plenty of sunlight.
Participant Care: caring for each participant, seeking to connect personally with participants, building a sense of community.
Food: ensure participants are fed and that all allergy and other food restrictions are cared for. All participants will partake in cooking and cleaning. Trek leaders are responsible for facilitating preparation and cleanup of meals and ensuring all are well fed. Gathering and treating water happens daily, as well.
Logistics: support participants in setting up camp, building tents, keeping Leave No Trace principles, raising bearbags, setting up a halachic Shabbat experience, and staying warm and dry.
Content: Lech-Lecha לך-לך treks encourage mutual empowerment, supporting every participant to share and facilitate based on their passions and skills. In addition to encouraging others to share, trek leaders facilitate text study, rich discussion, debriefs, prayer and song, meditations and movement, inviting participants to connect to Hashem’s creation and Jewish tradition.
Communication and Footage: Leaders remain in communication with Lech-Lecha לך-לך support staff in case of emergency and to confirm participant safety and well-being. Additionally, leaders are asked to take photos and videos during each trek.
After: Facilitate return of clean gear to next trip, shipping location, or storage site.
The ideal candidate is:
Passionate about the wilderness and creation.
Passionate about and involved in Jewish practice and wisdom.
​Personable and caring for others.
Open and accepting of diversity.
Responsible and able to take the lead.
Team player, working with fellow trek leaders.
21 years or older.
Wilderness First Aid or Responder certification preferred.
Backcountry trip leading experience.
Experience in an educational and group leading capacity.
Compensation depends on trek length, age of participants (teens, 20’s -30’s adults, or 40’s and up), as well as the trek leader’s certifications. Compensation ranges from $375 - $1200 per trek.