Full Time

Upper School Director

Temple Beth Elohim / Gan Elohim 10 BETHEL RD, WELLESLEY MA

TEMPLE BETH ELOHIM, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Upper School Director

Over the past 12 years the youth learning staff/faculty at Temple Beth Elohim have crafted
powerful new models of Jewish learning. We seek a partner to help build on these successes.
All activities are geared toward helping students build relationships and feel a sense of
connection as they develop their identities as members of the Jewish community.

The Director, working with a dynamic team of full and part time educators, is responsible for envisioning,
designing, implementing, and supervising our vibrant and innovative learning programs for children in
Grades 4-12 and their families. The scope of these programs includes formal, informal, and family
learning opportunities. The Director oversees and develops our BaDerech (grades 4-5) and B’Yachad
(grades 6-7) curricula, as described below, oversees an Assistant Director who is responsible for grades
8-12, and participates as a member of our learning team in planning and integrating educational
programs. The Upper School Director also works with the Assistant Director of grades K-5. With the
Director of Young Family Learning and Engagement, the Upper School Director works with the volunteer
No’ar and Havayah committees that provide feedback on structural and policy questions and lead efforts
to create opportunities for community building among parents and families. The Director provides
administrative oversight over 4-7 learning programs. The Director also works with a highly collaborative
and creative clergy team.

● Represent the core values of the temple in all work performed on behalf of the temple and in all
activities related to temple life by demonstrating an excellent work ethic, collaboration, personal
integrity, confidentiality, professional maturity, and thoughtful ambassadorship.

● Work with BaDerech lead teachers to develop a modalities-based curriculum.

● Coordinate and participate in milestone celebrations such as Kabbalat Siddur, Moving-on, and

● Work with youth educators to develop B’Yachad curriculum that includes formal and informal
programs (including Shabbaton).

● Oversee (remote and in-person) Hebrew curriculum development and implementation.

● Partner with Cantor and Assistant Rabbi to develop and co-lead B’Mitzvah programs for grades

● Oversee Ma’asim Tovim, 6-7th grade service learning program (coordinated by TBE’s full time
Community Organizer).

● Hire, supervise and manage faculty.

● Supervise Youth Educator(s).

● Supervise coordinator of learning support.

● Supervise PT modalities teachers.

● Professional development for faculty.

● Create school calendar.
● Design registration and create classes. (with administrative and technical support)

● Create and oversee budget (with support from both Executive Directors).

● Communication with parents, staff, and faculty.

● Weekly Newsletter and other communications (in collaboration with other Directors and
Communications team)

● Develop and nurture relationships with students and families. Be available to families to review
and discuss educational concerns, progress and difficulties and ensure communication with
faculty & Coordinator of Learning Support, where appropriate.

● Respond promptly and work to resolve concerns and issues raised by parents and staff.

● Evaluate 4-7 grade programming, curriculum, and staff; tweak and/or adjust as needed.

● Supervise and support the Assistant Director in developing and implementing vision for Havayah

● Attend monthly No’ar and Havayah (volunteer) committee meetings.

● Collaborate with other directors to create an Ed team agenda and goals.

● Attend TBE Staff meetings, Program Staff meetings, and Ed Team meetings.

● Work with Noar Chairs to plan meetings; work collaboratively with the committee.

● Assist in the B’Mitzvah pairing and placement process once/year.

● Establish networking meetings with other local Education Directors

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree + Advanced Degree Preferred and 6-9 years of experience.