CJP Communal Security Initiative


With threats and antisemitic attacks against Jewish communities and institutions on the rise, CJP’s role in providing professional security advice and support has never been more important. We offer training, assessments, and consultations free of charge to Jewish institutions in the cities and towns that CJP serves. Limited funding for physical security improvements may also be available to qualifying organizations.

  • JEMS Security Alerts & Updates

    The Jewish Emergency Management System is a partnership of CJP, the ADL, JCRC, and the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts offering alerts and updates for professionals and lay leaders.

  • Grants

    Your organization may qualify for state and federal grants to improve security, and CJP can help you understand the application process.

Email us to inquire about the CJP Communal Security Initiative.

Learn more about the Jewish Emergency Management System (JEMS).

Report an antisemitic, bias or discriminatory incident to the ADL.


Communal Security Resources, Proven Practices, and News

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Mitigation and Emergency Planning and
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Anti-Semitism Reporting, Suspicious Incidents,
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CJP Security News

Jeremy Yamin is CJP’s Associate Vice President, Director of Security and Operations.

He manages security for CJP at the Kraft Family Building in Boston and provides security assessments and management for more than 100 CJP-sponsored events each year. Jeremy also provides security guidance, training, assessments, and support to 14 Jewish day schools, two JCCs, 37 pre-schools, 100 synagogues, and dozens of Jewish agencies. More...

Dan Levenson
Daniel Levenson is CJP’s Deputy Director for Communal Security.

He provides communal security support to CJP affiliates by coordinating training programs, serving as a speaker, helping institutions apply for federal security grants, managing the JEMS website, and working with law enforcement. More...