24 2021

Beyond the Headlines: A Time of Change in Israel

12:00PM - 1:00PM  


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June has been a history-making month in Israel with the election of a new president and the resolution of a political stalemate that has led to the country’s first change in leadership in 12 years.

The fast-moving events have many of us struggling to understand the implications — for Israel, its relationship with other countries, and for Jews around the world.

Join us as we welcome renowned Israeli political expert, Professor Reuven Hazan. Speaking to us live from Jerusalem, Professor Hazan will help us better understand the political upheaval and introduce us to the key players and goals of the new coalition government that has replaced longtime leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. Professor Hazan will be joined by Aviva Klompas, Associate Vice President of CJP’s Israel and Global Jewish Citizenship.

A Zoom link will be provided prior to event.

Please note: This event will not be recorded. For questions or accommodations, please contact Ellen.

Professor Reuven Hazan is widely known for his expertise in the field of political science, as well as his practical experience in politics. He was the advisor to the Speaker of the Israeli Parliament. He has served as a leading consultant for several political parties in Israel and works with the nation’s foremost think tanks. Professor Hazan served on the Presidential Commission on the Structure of Government in Israel and was in charge of the Israeli Parliament’s Committees Reform Project.