22 2019

Medical Training (First Aid/CPR/AED) - Blended Learning Module

1:00PM - 5:00PM  

Temple Aliyah 1664 Central Ave
Needham, MA


These classes, American Red Cross First Aid, tourniquet training, and CPR/AED training, are offered as a blended learning module.

Blended learning allows participants to complete part of the course at home, online, on their own time and then participate in a four hour hands-on in person session. Certification is dependent upon both portions being completed by the registrants.

Important note: Participants must register for the session 2.5 weeks prior to the actual course to confirm their registration and then begin and complete the online portion. If the online portion is NOT completed, registrants will not be able to receive certification upon completion of the in-person session.

Once confirmed, 2 weeks prior to the in-person session, registrants will receive an email on how to complete the online portion. Please note these deadlines for proper participation in this blended module.