CJP Stands with Israel

Since Shabbat morning, we have watched with deep concern a major escalation of violence in Israel. Over 600 rockets and mortar shells have been fired by terrorist groups in Gaza - each one an indiscriminate attack on civilian communities. And the rockets continue to fall.

These attacks have claimed the life of 58-year-old Moshe Agadi, whose home was struck by a rocket. Another two people (whose names have not yet been released) were killed when a rocket fired from Gaza hit the Ashkelon factory in which they were working.

More than 90 Israelis have been sent to hospital with injuries. Tens of thousands of families are confined to shelters. Schools in Southern Israel have cancelled school today and businesses are shuttered. 

In response to the attacks, the Israel Defense Forces launched airstrikes against military targets in the Gaza Strip. Despite the escalation, earlier this morning Israel allowed fuel to be transported into the Strip to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

Israel’s soldiers and citizens are always in our thoughts and prayers, but even more so during difficult times like this one. CJP stands in solidarity with the people of Israel, reaffirms the right of the State to defend itself, and prays the loss of innocent lives on both sides is minimized.