CJP Statement on anti-Israel Content of the Black Lives Matter Platform

CJP concurs with the JCRC statement of August 3 on the Black Lives Matter platform, which states: 

"[We] cannot and will not align ourselves with organizations that falsely and maliciously assert that Israel is committing “genocide.” We denounce an agenda to wage economic and cultural warfare against Israelis, including efforts to mobilize against state and local efforts that reject the “BDS” movement. We reject participation in any coalition that seeks to isolate and demonize Israel singularly amongst the nations of the world."  

It is CJP's long-standing policy to reject any relationship with organizations that advocate BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel. In fact, this platform goes far beyond BDS in its biased, false and dangerous narrative regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, including calling Israel “an apartheid state."       

We cannot march side by side with organizations that oppose the very existence of the Jewish state, who blame Israel – and only Israel  for 70 years of conflict, who distort the truth and who deny the Jewish people's past, thereby endangering our children's lives and our children's future.    

Like JCRC, CJP unequivocally supports the human rights of African Americans as they defend their lives and the lives of their children from violence while also empathizing with our police who do a very dangerous job in a complex environment.     

We believe our role is to defend the lives of our people while pursuing justice and righteousness for all Americans and for all humankind.  


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