CJP Statement on Terrorist Attack in Tel Aviv

We are horrified and enraged to learn of another act of terror against Israelis, this time on a commuter bus taking workers to their jobs in Tel Aviv.

In a depraved act of terror, a 23-year-old Palestinian terrorist wielding a knife stabbed 17 people, wounding four of them seriously. If not for the heroic acts of the bus driver—who acted to save lives even after being stabbed twice in the chest—and prison guards who were in the area and chased down the terrorist, the attack could have been even more catastrophic.

We are horrified, as we were a month ago when Jews at prayer were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem, and as we were just weeks ago when magazine staffers and French Jewish shoppers were killed by heavily armed Islamic extremists in Paris.

We are devastated as once again innocent lives are threatened by individuals who embrace an extremist Islamist ideology of destruction, hate and death.

And we are enraged that Palestinian organizations—from the Palestinian Authority to Hamas terrorists inside Gaza and the West Bank—continue to incite deadly violence against Jews, and then to celebrate the ghastly outcomes of their incitement.

CJP prays for the full recovery of the victims of today’s horrific, cowardly attack on our brothers and sisters in Israel.


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