CVS/CAREMARK Inspires Recent Transitions to Work Graduation

CVS/Caremark-Boston Regional Learning Center staff was honored to bring greetings and congratulations to the eight graduates of the most recent Transitions to Work Program. CVS/Caremark and its Boston Regional Learning Center Staff have been inspired by Transitions to Work and its students. The Transitions to Work-CVS/Caremark employer partnership has been a win/win for everyone involved. Transitions to Work holds many of its 8 week training programs in Boston utilizing the CVS/Caremark training center as a base for the students. The Transitions students are able to gain practical retail experience in the training center facility. CVS/Caremark has been a committed employer hiring over 8 graduates in paid positions and 7 externs. The CVS/Caremark employees shared their thoughts about the significance of Transitions to Work and the accomplishments of the Transitions graduates.

Lauren Gerard – CVS/Caremark Boston Regional Learning Center Manager was thrilled to speak at the graduation. “It is such a privilege to be a part of such a momentous occasion. I use the word “momentous” which means “of utmost importance or outstanding significance” because it describes the countless individual achievements, struggles, and challenges that are the fabric of every success.”

“‘Commitment’ is another word to describe what is being celebrated today.”, says Jeff Davey – Field Training Manager,  “It is a word that recognizes eight rigorous weeks of classroom training, hands-on learning, and team building activities.”

“‘Pride’ is another word I’d mention here”, says Ronnie Singh – Regional Learning Center Coordinator. “I hope it fits the way the graduates feel today. It may be a quiet kind of pride or a shouting out loud kind of pride but I hope that each of the graduates find genuine pleasure and satisfaction in their accomplishments today.”

All of the CVS/Caremark leaders agree the term that best describes the Transitions to Work program and its graduates is “winner.” “Each and every one of the participants is a winner! They have demonstrated through hard work, dependability, conscientiousness, perseverance, and dedication that they are all winners. And as winners, they have earned the right to be proud of their accomplishments.”

As a Transitions graduate, each student has completed the first critical step toward realizing their career goals. The opportunities and challenges that lie ahead demand well-educated minds and the Boston Learning Center Staff is delighted to know that each participant has an excellent foundation from which to launch themselves into the working world. More importantly, each participant has certainly challenged the misconceptions of people with disabilities while demonstrating the significant value of a having a diverse workforce.

The members of the Boston Regional Learning Center staff salute success. Each graduate has met this challenge and no doubt will continue to stretch and extend their abilities. Winners accept nothing but the best from themselves – and Transitions graduates are certainly all winners!

The JVS Transitions to Work program is focused on providing job readiness training, specific skills training and internships to young adults living with disabilities. Candidates for this program are young adults ages 18 to 34 with documented disabilities who are in need of job related training and/or experience and coaching that will enable them to obtain jobs. The students learn skills through classes and hands on training that are provided by the JVS Transitions staff and partner employers. Ultimately, the goal of this program is to help the students gain practical work skills that are transferable, thus making them stronger candidates when applying for jobs with employers in the community. 


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