How we’re connecting the next generation to Jewish Life

This month, 300 community members — including nearly 100 young adults — will travel to Israel with CJP through Spark, a celebration of Jewish life and learning, anchored by Israel’s 75th Independence Day. An additional 100+ young adults are participating locally in Spark something, a series of in-person programming held in Boston.

With your support, Spark has engaged many new members of Greater Boston’s Jewish young adult community with CJP! We know that this transformative experience will act as a springboard to create deeper connections to CJP and the Jewish community for years to come. 

Here’s how young adults are connecting around Spark:

  • Of the 92 young adults traveling to Israel, 30% are new to CJP
  • Young adults make up a third of overall registrants for the April Spark trip
  • Beyond the trip, another 103 young adults between the ages of 22–40 have signed up for the Spark something series of local programming. CJP has partnered with more than a dozen young adult organizations — including Moishe House, OneTable, Honeymoon Israel, Vilna Shul, and more — for these local events.
  • 26% of Spark something participants in January and February were first-time CJP event attendees

After the Spark trip. CJP will work to connect young adults to community initiatives, programs, new social networks, and organizations within Greater Boston’s Jewish community with the goal of increasing long-term engagement in CJP, our work with partners, and Jewish life.

The amazing turnout we’ve seen at these local offerings and for the Spark trip show a strong desire across Greater Boston’s young adult community for in-person engagement and connection. We can’t wait to do more!