Israel in Crisis: Our Partners’ Work

Boston’s Jewish community stood with Israel throughout the summer of 2014 with rallies, advertisements in local newspapers, pro-Israel speakers and community support totaling $2,322,850 for CJP’s Israel in Crisis Fund.

More than 4,500 rockets and mortar shells were launched at Israeli civilians in less than two months. Some of the most vulnerable – young children, the elderly, people with disabilities - were often isolated, with little food and water, trapped inside shelters and safe rooms between Hamas attacks. The psychological toll on the civilian population is severe and long-term.

CJP partnered with two extraordinary organizations, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC), caring for vulnerable Israelis under fire, offering meals for the home- or shelter-bound elderly and people with disabilities, respites for children and at-risk families, trauma support and training for providers.

With your help, our partners in Israel did amazing things to help people under fire, all the while in great danger themselves. Some highlights of their work:

  • JDC provided one-day respites away from the sirens and safe rooms to more than 3,100 children, and an additional 1,000 children with special needs. 
  • The JDC distributed 1,290 activity kits and table games to benefit thousands of children confined to basement shelters and safe rooms.
  • JDC also provided respites and transportation to more than 4,500 elderly Israelis. It trained 40 experts to meet the needs of elderly people and people with disabilities who were forced to stay in protective shelters. It also mentored 40 professionals to work with the elderly who experienced post-event trauma.
  • The ITC handled 30,000 calls to hotlines from Israelis experiencing acute anxiety. Additionally, it offered 3,000 treatments for anxiety.
  • 480 communities and organizations received on-the-ground ITC training and emotional support.
  • The ITC’s five resilience centers offered more than 3,400 therapy sessions to help treat anxiety.

This vital work is ongoing and updates are available on their websites. Please visit and to learn more.


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