Stand with Our Jewish Community; Stand with JCCs

These past months have been trying and unsettling for our American Jewish community.

Jewish organizations around the country — including JCC Greater Boston in Newton and the JCC in Worcester — have been the targets of threats and hatred. Today, we’re asking you to stand with our JCCs and with Jewish organizations around the country that have been targeted by these senseless, cruel acts of hatred.

JCC Greater Boston, the JCC of the North Shore, and JCCs around the country are institutions that unite the Jewish community, young and old. That these wonderful places — along with Jewish day schools and other Jewish organizations — have become the targets of bomb threats is repulsive and enraging.

Thankfully, each threat has proven to be only that. The disruption, fear, and anxiety, however, are all too real. Thousands of children, parents, teachers, and professional staff around the country have had to evacuate buildings and huddle together in winter weather waiting for law enforcement to ensure their safety.

Yet, in the darkness, there is always hope, always light.

When the threatening phone calls started coming in, so did the messages of support. Mark Sokoll, president and CEO of JCC Greater Boston, told us of the postcards, emails, and supportive messages they have received from people of all faiths.

JCCs have lifted up so many of us. Now it is time for us to stand with them.

Here are a few ways you can help right now:

  • Attend an event at a JCC or consider joining. They are community resources with a rich array of programming for all ages.
  • Support our local JCCs on social media by using the #IStandWithTheJCC hashtag with supportive posts across your channels.
  • Call your local representative. Calling members of Congress is the most effective way to have your voice heard. Calls are tallied by staffers and the count is given to your representatives, informing them how strongly their constituents feel about a current issue. The sooner you reach out, the more likely it is that your voice will influence their position. Find the phone number of your local member of Congress here.
  • A suggested script for your calls can be found here.

We are proud and honored to attend the March 9 event at JCC Greater Boston as they celebrate another wonderful year and look toward the future. By demonstrating our solidarity with JCCs everywhere, we show those who wish to frighten and divide us that, instead, we will bravely come together.

Show up, sign up, and make your presence known.

Sincerely yours,

Barry Shrage
President, CJP 

Neil Wallack
Board Chair, CJP


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