Standing with Israel as a Community

Since the beginning of the conflict with Hamas this summer, CJP and our Greater Boston community have actively supported Israel through the crisis.  Our solidarity, activism and generosity have made an important impact, both in Israel and here at home. Here’s a quick look at how our community responded to the crisis.

  • The CJP community participated in three national missions to Israel during the conflict. On two of those missions, Boston sent the largest contingent.
  • We engaged the Jewish and non-Jewish community alike in rallies that attracted more than 4,000 Israel supporters. We also offered expert speakers to organizations, congregations and others who wanted to learn more about the conflict and how they could help.
  • Through our social media efforts, we delivered vital messages of support for Israel and her people to hundreds of thousands of people, both in Boston and beyond.
  • The CJP Israel in Crisis Fund was established in July and has raised $2.4 million, all of which will go directly to relief efforts in Israel.

Now that the crisis is – we pray – over, we will focus on supporting and working with organizations that are addressing the most urgent needs on the ground.

We have partnered with both the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) to provide short and long-term relief to those most affected by the relentless rockets, the wailing sirens, and the fear that accompanies them.

Now as college students return to campuses around Boston, our IACT coordinators are engaging young adults in pro-Israel programming and activism and will work with us to devise customized responses to anticipated anti-Israel activity in the wake of the conflict.

As always, we stand committed to the people of Israel and to supporting them in crisis and beyond. We yearn for a time when all innocent people can live in peace, free from terror.


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