Statement on Palestinian Violence against Israelis

In the past week, Israelis have been the victims of dozens of acts of terror in this wave of Palestinian violence fueled by poisonous anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric.

On Monday, three separate stabbing attacks in Jerusalem left two victims gravely wounded – one only 13 years old – and fighting for their lives. In each case, a Palestinian assailant appeared to target victims simply because they were Israeli and because they were Jewish.

Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in Israel as they confront a surge of violence, a potential third Intifada taking shape. As American Jews, we must turn our attention to providing support as Israel struggles to tell the world its story. At this moment of fear and turmoil, in the face of increased terror attacks in Israel’s cities and missile attacks from Gaza aimed at civilians in the south, we must speak out for Israel and its people.

Below are links to two important stories that describe the challenges Israel currently faces. 

  • The AJC’s David Harris, in a blog posted in the Huffington Post and the Times of Israel, says it’s time for “the world to take up and acknowledge – without equivocation, resort to moral equivalence or diplomatic gobbledygook – that Israel… is facing violence that must be condemned unequivocally.”
  • Renowned author and Jerusalem resident Daniel Gordis writes on Bloomberg View how this current wave of violence has led to “mutual fear” among Arab and Jewish Israelis. 

It is time for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to say, in his own language and to his own people: the violence must stop. As we pray for the injured victims and mourn with the families shattered by this senseless violence, it is time to insist upon direct and meaningful dialogue that leads to actions aimed at restoring calm.

Make your voice heard:

  • The Israel Trauma Coalition is doing essential work helping Israelis cope with the trauma and psychological damage that accompanies these vicious acts of terror. Check the ITC site to see how they're responding to this wave of violence and how you can help.

Focus on the media. Read and share analyses from Honest Reporting,  CAMERA and Palestinian Media Watch that are keeping a close eye on events and how they’re being covered in the United States and around the world.


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