The Gitta and Saul Kurlat CJP Scholarship Fund

Ethnicity: Jewish

Source of Scholarship: Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP)

Amount of Scholarship: Up to $11,000 per academic year

Relevant Academic Programs: Freshman year of Engineering and Science, B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, study abroad (one to two semester programs), and graduate programs

Specific Conditions: Students from the Greater Boston area may apply. Students should demonstrate financial need.

Recommended for Applicants: Prior participation in Birthright Israel trip, passion for community service or volunteering, and affinity for social media are all pluses.

Application Process: Submit a letter requesting the scholarship to at Technion International School.


Technion International School Admissions: Ms. Chava Magder-Cohen, Admissions Coordinator; Tel: +972-77-887-1897

Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP): Cindy Rubin, Combined Jewish Philanthropies; Tel: +1-617-457-8589; 126 High Street, Boston, MA 02110

American Technion Society: Joanna Rothman, Associate Director, Development, American Technion Society; Tel: +1-617-964-0048;, One Gateway Center, Suite 515, Newton, MA 02458, USA


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