The impact of your gift

Each year, you – and over 12,000 other generous donors – invest more than $50 million in the Jewish community through CJP. You care for people when they’re vulnerable; deepen connections to Jewish life, learning, and Israel; and help ensure a thriving and safe Jewish community.

Your generosity makes a big impact. Read on for more evidence – in their own words – about how your gift is changing the lives of community members in Boston and beyond. 

Your gift helped fight poverty.

“When I lost my job, I panicked. The help Yad Chessed gave me to pay my bills while I was waiting for my unemployment check to come in saved my life! Thank you!”

— A client from Yad Chessed, one of CJP’s Anti-Poverty Initiative partners

Your gift helped provide free mental health support that works. 

“I learned more in the first hour of this program than I did in years of therapy.”

“I wish this had been available 30 years ago.”

“This program came along at just the right time.”

— Path to Well-being participants

Your gift provided COVID-19 relief.

“Thank you!! This email just brought tears to my eyes. I was just saying I wish I had the ability to buy more tests. Our center has been hit hard with COVID. It has been a terrible two weeks, but this email has been a bright light in my day. I cannot thank you enough for your support during this challenging time. You make a difference!!!”

 — Preschool director

Your gift supported every age and stage of Jewish life, from preschool...

“Thank you for your generosity which supported a family in our school community. During COVID-19, this family had reduced work hours and less compensation, while still needing to meet their child’s educational needs. As inflation is occurring, and observing the struggle parents face, any amount helps and supports a family to continue to provide Jewish education and to maintain their Jewish identity in our Jewish community. Thank you.”

— Preschool staff young children and teens...

“I’m beyond grateful to CJP because without the financial support, our kids would not be able to go to Jewish camp. This past summer was particularly meaningful for our boys after missing the summer of 2020; my 14-year-old son said it was his best summer yet. Camp is where my kids have learned – and grown to love – Jewish traditions and made friendships that will last a lifetime. Camp has truly broadened their Jewish worlds. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity.”

— Parent of campers college-age students...

“As I sit here reflecting on how I’ve changed this summer, what I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and how my suitcase was lighter coming back than it was flying out, I can’t stop thinking about how much of an unbelievable experience this Onward Israel program was. I had never been to Israel before these eight weeks. So, despite everything I had learned about Israel over the years, I had no idea what to expect…Onward Israel helped me become so fully immersed and familiar with Israeli culture that I miss this program already. I wish I could do the exact same internship and trip with the exact same people!  As they say, next year in Jerusalem!”

— Participant in Boston Onward Israel, a CJP-funded program

And finally, your gift helped increase communal safety and security.

“I’m so grateful for the team and to CJP for what they have provided for us. They gave us the funding, they gave us the training to be effective, and they gave us the personalization and the compassion for us to be empowered to make our own decisions and to make our own community safe.”

— A member of Congregation Ahavas Achim, recipient of CJP Communal Security Initiative funding

Your gift has made such a tremendous impact throughout our community. Thank you!