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Committing to Unity and our Core Values

Dear Friends,

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take a moment to share how thankful I feel to be a part of this Boston Jewish community. I am continually impressed by the passions and desires to do good in the world that I see every day, even when there are differences in…

Moving Forward After a Difficult Season

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, Americans elected a new leader. We join with Jewish organizations across the country in wishing the best to Donald Trump as he assumes the awesome responsibilities and challenges facing the President of the United States. We accept the outcome of this free election …

Statement on Jerusalem terrorism

We woke this morning to the tragic news of a terror attack in Israel’s capital that left two dead and four others wounded. The terrorist, an east Jerusalem resident, opened fire at a light rail station near Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem before being shot dead by security forces. The victims…

CJP and JCRC Statement in Memory of Shimon Peres

Find a cause that's larger than yourself and then give your life to it.
-Shimon Peres

Last night we bid farewell to Shimon Peres (1923-2016), a pioneer, dreamer, and champion of the Jewish people. Over the course of his 70 years in service to the State of Israel, he defended the country in …

Praying for Shimon Peres


“For me, dreaming is simply being pragmatic." - Shimon Peres

Two years ago on a mission to Israel, our group met with Israel’s then-President, Shimon Peres. It was a wonderful, inspiring and meaningful meeting. 

President Peres was 91 years old at the time and Israel had just celebra…