Dialogue’s Role in Creating Global Jewish Citizenry

By Rachel Goldberg, Sr. Program Officer, Strategic Israel Engagement

The Community Israel Dialogue had the privilege of hosting seasoned politician and former Knesset member Tzipi Livni in May for a conversation with CJP President and CEO Rabbi Marc Baker. They listened to one another’s …

Changing the Game

By Alan Avery Peck, Vice President for Religion and Israel Action, Temple Israel Natick

Temple Israel of Natick was so lucky last year to benefit from a CJP grant that allowed us to work with Resetting the Table, both in the running of two programs in our congregation and in the consulting …

We CAN talk about Israel in a meaningful and respectful way.

By Jan Moidel Schwartz, Member, Temple Emanuel of Newton

A few weeks before Passover, I and my fellow members of Newton’s Temple Emanuel received an invitation to participate in a program that would engage us in a fraught topic: how to talk about Israel. The past six months had been a dif…

Speak – Don’t Sigh

The conversation began with an audible sigh, followed by an hour of mumbling, unfinished sentences, and more long, heavy sighs. I was on the phone with a colleague, discussing an upcoming program as the results of Israel’s April election were being tallied. I could tell my conversation par…

The Limits of Labels

Step into an Israel conversation anywhere in Greater Boston, and I bet you’ll hear one of these statements:

“I was surprised to see so many lefties show up for an Israel event…”


“It’s always the right-wingers dominating the conversation…”

“Our rabbi is left of center…