The Miriam Fund (TMF) is a volunteer-led philanthropic community committed to creating an equitable world that expands opportunities for women and girls*. Through strategic grant-making, TMF aims to inspire and strengthen women and girls within and beyond our Jewish community and, in the process, encourage its members to be advocates, leaders, and agents of change.

Since its inception in 2000, TMF has awarded over $6 million to organizations doing crucial work in pursuit of gender equity. TMF’s FY25  Co-chairs are Rachel Goldstein, Debby Posin, and Nancy Levitan Poorvu.

Read our FY23 Annual Report here and explore how you can get involved with The Miriam Fund below!

*Includes all for whom “woman” or “girl” is a meaningful identifier or experience, including (but not limited to) cisgender women and girls, transgender women and girls, and nonbinary individuals. 

The Miriam Fund is excited to celebrate its 25th year during FY25. We look forward to continued connections with grantee partners and supporting their crucial work in their communities. 

To commemorate this milestone, we have launched a 25th Anniversary campaign, ensuring that our impact can be expanded and sustained for at least the next 25 years. Please reach out to if you are interested in supporting our work.  

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Your gift will go directly to The Miriam Fund and can be made in someone's honor or memory. To donate gifts of stocks or mutual funds or if you have any questions, please contact Beth Tauro at or call 617-457-8761.

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