Travel & Missions

When you travel with CJP, you'll find adventure, explore your Jewish heritage and see the transformative impact of your support – in Israel and beyond. Our missions connect you with Jewish life worldwide through local residents, community leaders, and political personalities. We expose you to incredible food, art, culture, and natural beauty. And most importantly, our missions inspire your heart and mind to consider issues of Jewish history, survival, and community in new ways.

Where Does CJP Travel?

You'll witness the life-changing programs in places that CJP supports, including Haifa, our sister city in Israel, Dnepropetrovsk, our sister city in Ukraine, as well as Cuba, Poland, Argentina, and many other destinations. Drop us an email or give us a call, and we’ll be glad to tell you more! Whether you’re planning your own trip, or looking for a trip to join, we’re happy to help. Pack your bags – and let CJP lead you on the mission of a lifetime!

Contact Us

For more on additional travel opportunities for young adults (22-45 years old), email Meghan at​ or call 617-457-8736.

For more on general CJP missions, email