Gitta and Saul Kurlat Fund for STEM Education

Born in Israel, convent-educated in Lebanon, a graduate of Boston University Law School and its School of Management, Gitta Kurlat had a distinguished career. She was the first woman partner at Rubin and Rudman where she specialized in business law, was among the earliest members of The Miriam Fund (formerly known as The Boston Jewish Community Women’s Fund), and she mentored many women in and out of the legal profession.

Gitta was married for 59 years to Saul Kurlat, a pioneering engineer and the founding President of Eikonix Corporation. Gitta and Saul recognized that young women needed encouragement to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. To address that need and to honor Gitta’s memory, Saul has created the Gitta and Saul Kurlat Fund for STEM Education at The Miriam Fund.

Bais Yaakov of Boston was selected as the recipient of the Gitta and Saul Kurlat Fund of STEM Education. The grant, which runs from July 2020-June 2021, supports girls and their interest in and self-confidence around STEM subjects. This is the third consecutive year Bais Yaakov has been awarded this grant.

Bais Yaakov’s STEM program is designed to sustain, improve, and expand its students’ interaction with STEM fields. Beyond offering dynamic STEM courses, the program focuses on improving students’ perception of and attitude toward careers in STEM-related fields. The program partners with local colleges and businesses to offer STEM professional development opportunities and increase student engagement with STEM opportunities in and out of school.