Community Events Grant

Purpose of grant

Prospective day school family events serve as a valuable showcase for each of our day school’s unique cultures. A core limitation to having more events is the demand on our administrators’ time. The goal of this grant is to create incentives and structures that streamline our day schools’ ability to run a greater number of community events by moving the planning of these events outside of the admissions and marketing departments.


  • Applicants must be employed by a Jewish day school within CJP’s catchment area
  • Applicants cannot work in the marketing or admissions departments


A lead administrator at each school will solicit ideas from the potential event planner(s) (grantee) and choose who will represent the school for this grant. The administrator will submit an application for each event planner (grantee) who wants to run a program or series of programs.

Grant amount

The more events one person leads, the more they can take off the plate of the school administrator, while gaining confidence in their abilities. Thus, compensation is designed to create incentives to run more than one event.

Compensation per event:

  • Single grantee runs one event: $400
  • Single grantee runs two events: $900
  • Single grantee runs three events: $1,500

In addition to compensation for your time, this grant will provide up to $200 per event for supplies.

Grant requirements

Grant funding must be used solely to compensate the grantee and cover supplies. Any additional support staff compensation is at the school’s discretion and cannot be funded by this grant.

Grantee responsibilities include:

  • Creating an idea for the event
  • Designing the agenda for the event and soliciting feedback from others
  • Choosing a date for the event, in conjunction with the school administrator
  • Developing a list of supplies and sharing with the school administrator, if needed
  • Developing marketing ideas for the event that will be executed by the school administrator
  • Arriving early to set up the event
  • Leading the event and supervising others, as necessary
  • Assisting with cleanup after the event
  • Completing the post-grant evaluation with the school administrator

The school administrator must partner with the grantee, as no one person can put on an event alone. It’s likely that the grantee will not have the expertise required to oversee all aspects of the event effectively, so the marketing of the event will fall on the school administrator.

What does success look like?

These grants are designed to attract prospective families to school events while piloting a process that allows us to increase the number of high-quality events each school can hold.

Measures of success include:

  • Interest in the grant program
  • Administrators feeling less burdened by event planning
  • Maintaining high-quality events
  • Attracting and engaging prospective families in school admission funnels


  • Applications open: Monday, August 1, 2022
  • Applications close: Monday, April 3, 2023
  • Funded events completed by: Thursday, June 1, 2023




For any questions, please contact Anna Leybzon.