Tuition Transparency Tool Pilot

Purpose of tool

Day school tuition is a critical topic of consideration for prospective day school families. Fortunately, our day schools offer substantial financial aid to subsidize the cost of enrollment. Many families underestimate the amount of aid they can receive from day schools; therefore, they never bother to consider them. This is because there is a considerable amount of friction associated with garnering this information. The purpose of the Tuition Transparency Tool is to ease the process for families to get financial aid estimates from each of our day schools.


  • Applicants must be a Jewish day school within CJP’s catchment area


  • CJP will choose 1–2 schools with whom to launch. We will learn from this pilot and, if successful, we will expand this tool to other interested schools.
  • CJP will work with finance professionals from each day school to discern patterns in historical financial aid grants
  • Working with a contracted developer, CJP will create a custom site for each school, a set of standard inputs, and a visualization of outcomes
  • Each school will determine the marketing of this tool to their constituents

Markers of success

Together, we will evaluate the parameters below to gauge the success of this tool:

  • How well did the day school market this tool?
  • What is the utilization rate of prospective families?
  • Are the estimates we create for families accurate?
  • Are the estimates we create for families narrow enough to be useful?

Contact Anna to discuss participation in this pilot.


For any questions, please contact Anna Leybzon.