2017 Impact Report

Recognizing our Donors & Volunteers

As our community grows and changes, Jewish learning is a critically important way for us to connect. Exploring ideas and problems together through a Jewish lens builds a stronger community, even when we come up with different solutions.   

This past year, we came together to reinvigorate Jewish learning throughout Greater Boston. With the launch of our new Learn On initiative, we reached thousands of people of all ages.

People who hadn’t participated in Jewish learning for years — as well as long-time participants in search of new opportunities — filled auditoriums, classrooms, coffee shops, and living rooms to deepen their personal connection to Jewish life. 

Your support has helped us broaden our reach, find new ways to get teenagers involved, and make it easier for families with young children to connect. These efforts are reigniting a passion for learning and creating an increasingly engaged Jewish community.


“Nearly 20 years ago, we experienced the power of adult Jewish learning through Me’ah. In the subsequent years, we’ve seen Me’ah graduates transform synagogues, schools, and camps within our beloved community. Our investment in CJP helps provide new modes of learning — online, modular, and open circle — to a new generation of Boston Jews.”

Alan and Marcia Leifer
Members of CJP’s Dor L’Dor Society and participants on multiple CJP volunteer committees

“It is a gift to be able to support the excellent work happening at CJP. For us, there is no smarter investment than an investment in young people—when they are active, engaged members of our Jewish community, we all benefit.”

Stephen and Alice Cutler
Members of our Dor L’Dor Society who have supported CJP’s IACT and Jewish learning and engagement efforts