For more than 100 years, CJP has partnered with donors to identify and solve some of our community’s most pressing issues. Support from our Annual Campaign, as well as targeted fundraising efforts and resources from our endowment, is invested in support of our local and global communities. 

Additionally, CJP’s Donor Advised Fund program will continue to support our community throughout the next year. Last year, we helped to facilitate more than 7,500 grants representing $111 million in support to more than 2,400 charities in Boston and beyond. We hope to do the same in FY18. 

Together, we have created a strong and vibrant Jewish community. As a result of your support, CJP is able to provide strategic guidance, leadership, and expertise to our community partners. Our talented staff is responsible for managing multiple programs, administering our robust endowment, JCEP, and DAF programs, and raising the funds to support all of these efforts. Our investment in CJP totals $13.4 million of the annual FY18 budget.


CJP has a strong financial foundation. Our resources, along with those from many partner organizations, are managed by expert volunteers and professionals committed to transparency and the highest ethical standards. 

CJP partners with Jewish organizations and philanthropists throughout our community, providing them with access to a prudent, cost-effective, and transparent investment platform.

CJP Endowment

CJP’s endowment resources are used to support community organizations and further the passions and priorities of generations of community members. Our endowment also provides unrestricted support to CJP and perpetuates gifts to our Annual Campaign. We currently oversee more than 200 endowed funds with more than $180 million in assets.

Jewish Community Endowment Pool, LLP (JCEP)

CJP’s investment partnership, JCEP, continues to be a source of strength for our community. We currently work with more than 80 organizations providing access to best-in-class investment  oversight for their long-term philanthropic capital. As of June 30, JCEP’s total assets were more than $1.4 billion, which includes CJP’s endowment and a significant portion of our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) assets.

Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

CJP’s DAF program offers donors an opportunity to manage their giving in ways that significantly benefit our community. We partner with hundreds of donors on more than 700 funds that total $1.1 billion in philanthropic assets. Last year, we helped to facilitate more than 7,500 grants representing $111 million in philanthropic support to more than 2,400 charities in Boston and beyond.

For more information on how you can partner with us, please visit cjp.org/daf

For detailed financial statements and a listing of allocations, please visit cjp.org/about-us/our-financials
All reported amounts are as of June 30, 2017.
*This figure does not include a provision of $1.6 million made for uncollectible pledges.