Nestled between skyscrapers, the exterior of CJP’s headquarters in the newly named Kraft Family Building looks much the same as it did this time last year. Yet inside, it has been completely transformed, creating new opportunities for people to connect, collaborate, and serve our community—thanks to an unparalleled gift from the Kraft family.

CJP first purchased the building at 126 High Street in Boston in 1994. Since then, the organization has grown, technology has advanced, and security challenges have increased considerably. CJP’s presence in the heart of Boston sends an important message about our strong, vibrant Jewish community, and relocation was not economical. Thanks to the foresight and generosity of the Kraft family, we are able to remain downtown and bring our physical space into the 21st century.  

Honoring the memory of Harry Kraft and Myra Kraft

Robert Kraft led the support of our renovation efforts with a truly transformational $10 million gift that honors the memory of his beloved wife, Myra Kraft, and his father, Harry Kraft. Harry was devoted to Jewish learning and education, serving as a teacher and mentor his entire life. He was dedicated to his faith and our Jewish traditions: he believed deeply in the importance of spirituality, commitment to one’s community, and Torah. Myra lived her life in service to all who needed help: she was steadfast in her pursuit of justice and righteousness. Myra’s wisdom, caring, and passion continue to inspire CJP’s work in countless ways. There is no more fitting tribute to their legacy of leadership and learning, and we are honored that the Kraft Family Building, the Myra Kraft Boardroom, and the Harry Kraft Center for Jewish Education will bear their names.

Leadership and commitment to our Jewish community

The members of the Kraft family have been generous and dedicated supporters of CJP and the Greater Boston Jewish community for generations. Harry and Myra held many leadership positions with organizations throughout our community. Both were members of CJP’s Board of Directors, with Myra serving as Chair from 2006–2009. She was also a two-time Co-chair of our Annual Campaign. Their dedication has helped shape our community’s path forward and is inspiring the next generation of the Kraft family to continue their legacy.

The Kraft family’s leadership has also included supporting and launching numerous programs that create a connection to Israel and Jewish life. Their commitment has helped to build a robust economic relationship between Boston and Israel, the results of which have created jobs and fostered technological innovations in both communities. And with their support, CJP created the innovative Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel Program that funds life-changing trips to Israel for teens. These experiences foster a young person’s Jewish identity and establish their lifelong involvement in Jewish life. 

We are grateful for the Kraft family’s partnership and their visionary leadership in helping to create a vibrant Jewish community that will continue to benefit future generations.