Organizational Health Resources

The content provided on this webpage is for informational purposes only.
We urge organizations to consult with their own qualified legal, tax, financial, and security resources.
Please note the resources provided here will continuously be updated.

CJP strives to build partnerships that help to keep community organizations strong. To achieve this, we focus on six primary areas of organizational health: Finance, Professional Leadership and Strategy, Development/Fundraising, Board Governance, Marketing, and Infrastructure. We are pleased to provide resources, links to trusted websites, tools, and templates to help your organization with these areas.

Visit our Partner Organization Resource page for helpful links, tools, and information to support organizations during this time.


From budgeting for day-to-day expenses to securing the future of your organization by building your endowment, these finance-related resources provide the basics that every nonprofit leader needs to know. 

Resources from National Council of Nonprofits

Professional Leadership and Strategy

Explore resources for deliberate and thoughtful leadership, including strategies for sustained collaboration, management tools, and templates for evaluating your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. 


Find information on the importance/purpose of capacity building and sample outlines to clearly communicate and implement your organization’s mission and fundraising goals, including strategies, priorities, timelines, and other considerations to help ensure the financial stability of your organization, as well as its ability to effectively deliver and sustain its mission now and into the future.


Board Governance

Explore best practice basics for board governance, including a new member orientation checklist, benchmarking tools, strategies for addressing conflicts of interest, and much more.


From ensuring your organization’s message is aligned across all marketing channels to resources for developing an actionable marketing plan, these samples from CJP can help provide guidance on exploring and implementing the most effective communications with your employees, external audiences, and stakeholders.


We’ve provided a list of resources to guide your organization toward more effective and efficient operations, including employee hiring, appraisal, engagement, and performance management; security advice and support; developing and setting the tone for your organization’s unique culture; and much more.