Broadening and Deepening Engagement with Jewish Life


CJP is working to ensure that Jewish life is more welcoming, inclusive, relevant, and compelling for all who want to participate. We help the Greater Boston Jewish community explore varied avenues that can lead to new connections with Israel, lifelong learning opportunities, and creative expressions of Jewish identity. 

Tzedek (Social Justice)
There is perhaps no more meaningful way to participate in jewish life than by living out our Jewish values of caring for others and protecting the vulnerable. CJP’s Tzedek initiative is making strides in important efforts to address equity, homelessness, immigration, and more.

Learning and Connection at Every Stage of Life
CJP is here to guide, encourage, and empower everyone who wants to explore their Jewish identity and be a part of our community. At every life stage, we support and create a wide range of opportunities that inspire, welcome, and educate.

Arts and Culture
Through thousands of years, in times of crisis and times of celebration, Jewish arts and culture have helped to keep our tradition alive and our people connected. See how CJP is supporting the creative community in Greater Boston.

Israel and Global Jewish Citizenship
Being Jewish means being part of a global family. CJP is dedicated to enhancing our relationship to Israel, Dnipro, Ukraine, and Jewish communities the world over.

Fighting Antisemitism
We’re partnering with leading organizations to power their awareness and antisemitism-reporting programs, while also offering guidance on communal security.


For years, has served as the community’s connection to Jewish life. During the pandemic, played a crucial role in helping to ensure all could find critical resources, information, and access to virtual experiences.

“ is an incredible resource to keep Boston’s Jewish community connected. The team impresses me with their creativity and ability to reach a wide range of people. During COVID-19, has become even more critical as a hub for the Jewish community’s response to the pandemic, virtual events, and recommendations for navigating uncertainty. I am proud to support this project and help sustain meaningful Jewish life and connection during this difficult time.”

— Morreen Rukin, Trustee, Michael B. Rukin Charitable Foundation


Unless otherwise noted, data reflects June 2019-September 2020 timeframe.