John Lewis Mural at Emerson College by Julia Csekö

Arts and Culture


CJP is planting the seeds for a flourishing arts and culture scene in Boston: one that will help people connect deeply with their Jewish identity and the world around them — and provide a rich space for artists to connect with one another and their communities.
Recognizing that arts and culture are an entry point for many into Jewish life, CJP formally launched an Arts and Culture Initiative in 2019. We hope the arts will continue to bring our community together, inspire challenging conversations, celebrate diverse connections, and infuse our lives with joy. 


We’ve connected with more than 65 leaders, community members, and organizations in the art world – both Jewish and secular – to assess community needs, opportunities, and strengths. Together, we have shaped the vision for this new agenda and established priorities for the future.


During CJP’s 360FIVE listening tour session with JArts, community members shared with us the many ways they connect to their Jewish identity through arts and culture. This feedback has helped to inform our Initiative.

In collaboration with our community partners, CJP is committed to serving as an investor and convener around Jewish arts and culture.

Meet Sophie Krentzman, CJP's first Director of Arts and Culture and learn more about her and our work.


Creating Connection Through Art


CJP is working to keep the arts front and center — and we’re just getting started! Look at what we've done in the past year as we've been building this Initiative.


arts grants distributed in 2019-2020. Grantees included 10 organizations, two individuals, and two community volunteer-led groups.

invested into the arts community.


A grant pool of $100,000 has been established for the upcoming 2020-2021 year. This is the first and largest grant pool being offered for Jewish arts and culture efforts in Boston.


“With support from a CJP arts grant, the virtual 2020 ReelAbilities Boston Film Festival 'attendance' was more than double that of 2019 and the feedback we received was extraordinary. We developed new partnerships, offered more accessibility than ever before, and introduced a new, online model of presentation.”

— Susan Adler, Executive Director, Boston Jewish Film Festival

Funding creativity: a dance to remember

Rachel Linsky, a local dancer and teacher, used the CJP funding she received to choreograph and produce the dance film Selection. The film is part of her ongoing project, Zachor (remember), which honors the stories of Holocaust survivors through dance.


Through the pandemic, we’re partnering with community organizations on a variety of arts initiatives to keep us connected and offer hope during this challenging time. Explore a sampling of CJP-funded arts programs, below.

Inspiring Creativity in the Community


As an investor in the arts, CJP is supporting local creatives looking to explore Jewish identity through arts and/or culture. 
In partnership with the Jewish Arts Collaborative, we proudly developed and launched a new 2020-2021 Community Creative Fellowship for two Boston-area creatives. The fruits of this fellowship will help inspire the community’s creative connections to Jewish life and identity through art.

applications received.

artistic mediums including dance, cuisine, theater, visual arts, music, and writing were represented through the applications.

“Art offers opportunities for connection — inviting us to connect more deeply with ourselves, with each other, and with the world. CJP’s investment in arts and culture is such a gift, especially in these times when we need it most. By giving local creatives funding and a platform for their vision, CJP is strengthening our entire kehillah (community) with the impactful energy that flows through art and artists. I am honored to be a part of this community and so proud of CJP’s leadership in their recognition of the power of the arts to create community connections, deepen Jewish identity, and add meaningful inspiration to our lives. “

Tova Speter, local artist, art therapist, and community muralist, who will serve as a mentor for the CJP & JArts Community Creative Fellowship program