Fighting Antisemitism


CJP’s Fighting Antisemitism Initiative is a coordinated, community-wide response to the rising threat of antisemitism through investments in education, crisis response, and security grants. We’re working to create a community where all can feel safe, proud, and included. 


In a 2019 survey of 1,290 American Jews by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), 25% reported being the target of an antisemitic remark or social media comment.

As of September, 38 incidents have been reported in Massachusetts in 2020.

Last year, CJP convened an Antisemitism Task Force of security experts and lay leaders to develop an immediate, coordinated, community-wide response to the growing threat of antisemitism.

In the fall of 2019, CJP’s Sarah Abramson was joined by CJP Fighting Antisemitism Task Force Co-chairs Karyn Cohen and Lisa Wallack to discuss our work and this critical issue. Listen now.


A Safe and Empowered Community

CJP’s four focus areas build upon each other, culminating in a proud Jewish community with strong allies. We:

  • Strategically invest funds and mobilize people and partners
  • Play a leadership role working with and through our relationships in the community
  • Provide a communication platform and create a response system, including developing shared language around antisemitism and amplifying the work of partner organizations
  • Continue to provide safety and security information, trainings, and resources that prepare our community for responding to antisemitism
No hate, no fear

Along with local leaders from the ADL, JCRC, AJC, and the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts, CJP rallied hundreds of people from Greater Boston to attend the No Hate, No Fear March in NYC in 2020.

CJP manages the JEMS (Jewish Emergency Management Systems) network, which provides safety alerts as well as security training and grant opportunities to Jewish professionals and lay leaders. Through JEMS, CJP helps develop important relationships between police departments and Jewish institutions, building stronger, more resilient communities.


Since March, CJP has made available up to $750,000 in grants for synagogues and Jewish institutions to make security improvements to their buildings. The Chabad Center of Natick (pictured here) was a grant recipient and able to purchase new cameras.

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