Israel and Global Jewish Citizenship


As a Jewish people, we share deep roots, a common identity, and a stake in our shared future. CJP exists to create opportunities for us to connect with our entire Jewish community — here at home, in Israel, and around the world. Together, we can realize our vision for secure and thriving Jewish communities that are strengthened through high-impact partnerships.  

  • Shared Society

    Our Shared Society work seeks to improve the socioeconomic status and strives for equity in all facets of life for Ethiopian-Israelis in Haifa, Israel.

  • Peoplehood

    Relationships matter. That’s why we’re building a global Jewish community founded on strong connections between our Greater Boston community and Jews all over the world, sharing in educational experiences to create a deep sense of identity.

  • Leadership Development

    We’re cultivating young leaders in Boston and Haifa who are exploring their Jewish identities and working together to make our world more connected, equitable, and resilient.

  • Engaging with Israel

    From online programs with compelling Israeli innovators and policy makers to a daily news digest with all things Israel, CJP is making it simple, rewarding, and educational to connect with Israel.

  • Global Caring

    Our sense of Jewish community — and our desire to help others — isn’t limited by borders or geography. See how we’re making a difference beyond Greater Boston.

Shared Society

Our Shared Society work promotes a more equitable Israeli society based on mutual respect and understanding by investing in high-impact partnerships that strengthen vulnerable populations in Haifa. 

CJP's Ethiopian Jewry Committee prepared 383 young Ethiopians for Israel Defense Fund service through our Netivim program.


young Ethiopian-Israelis received vocational support through Kurat, a program supported by CJP. Fifty-two participants received promotions, 15 completed business growth courses, 89 scholarships were provided, and 18 women began working on long-term business plans.

CJP's Cultural Touches (“Negiot Tarbut”) ran 16 programs to educate 4,000 people about Ethiopian culture this year.

CJP's Parents at the Center (PAC) supported 390 families in struggling Haifa neighborhoods.


New computers empower students in Haifa
As Israeli students transitioned to remote learning with the spread of COVID-19, some members of Haifa’s Ethiopian community were at risk of missing out because they lacked personal computers. Thanks to donor support, CJP was able to partner with the Ahinoam Association to provide 90 computers, allowing Ethiopian students in Haifa to continue their education. “This computer-granting initiative creates a yearning to be equal, equal in achievement, and excellence…someone cared about their boy or girl,” says Oshra Friedman, the Co-chair of Haifa Boston’s Ethiopian Jewry Committee. “Someone wants them to succeed and consider themselves successful and proud. This someone, it’s the human chain and the collaborative work of all the factors together.”



Our Peoplehood agenda inspires joy and pride in our rich and diverse Jewish identity and builds connections among Jewish people worldwide through shared experiences, education, and joint initiatives that foster belonging, meaning, and shared responsibility.

Our three Shinshinim young adult ambassadors from Israel engaged close to 2,000 people in Greater Boston, providing education about Israel.


Our Jewish Education and Identity Committee oversaw 26 school-to-school partnerships with nearly 800 participating students and 100 educators.

“Dear CJP — I am a current eighth grader at the Rashi School. Not only am I writing to inform you about the wonderful time I had with the Israeli exchange students from the Leo Baeck School in Haifa, I am writing to say thank you. I am so grateful for the fact that I had the opportunity to engage in such meaningful and special programming, and so appreciate the fact that I am a part of a Jewish community in Israel.”

— Eighth grade participant in CJP's School-to-School program at The Rashi School

Boston-Haifa Connection

The Boston-Haifa Connection was formed more than 30 years ago to create person-to-person relationships and mutually beneficial programs that address urgent issues in our global community. This strategic partnership is strengthening Israel’s Ethiopian community, assisting families with young children in Haifa, and promoting Jewish identity and continuity.

Boston-Haifa Connection 30th Anniversary
In October 2019, the Boston-Haifa Connection celebrated our 30th anniversary by hosting 52 guests from Haifa at a week-long community-building and learning experience in Boston. The founding volunteer leaders from both communities participated, proving the strength of the bonds they created.


Forty-two virtual gatherings were hosted by our Boston-Haifa Kabbalat Shabbat and the Boston-Haifa Café in an effort to facilitate weekly connection with our friends in Israel.


Leadership Development

The goal of Leadership Development is to create meaningful impact by identifying and investing in young adult leaders who are making our Boston and Haifa communities more connected, equitable, and resilient.

Our Living Bridges programs engaged 40 teens and young adults in leadership, social justice, and Jewish identity exploration through our Diller and ConnecTech fellowships.

We partnered with Facing History and Ourselves for a seminar on racism for 90 Haifa and Boston students and educators.

Our Young Leaders Committee worked with 33 women living in Haifa over 10 sessions through our Mashpiot Women’s Professional Network.


CJP’s Osim Po leadership development program for young adults in Haifa and Boston brought together 424 social entrepreneurs to develop their skills in networking and community building.

Engaging with Israel

Through Engaging with Israel, we educate and connect the Greater Boston community to Israel and foster a greater sense of global responsibility. 

We hosted education forums about our global Jewish community including: 

  • Exploring global Jewish citizenship with The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
  • The Israel election webinar series
  • Women’s Philanthropy Lunch & Learn on Dnipro, Ukraine
  • Religious Freedom and Pluralism in Israel with Israel Hofsheet
Project Inspire

Project Inspire led two study tours (Kenya and Uganda in July 2019, Nepal in January 2020) with 25 young adults to learn about Israel’s international development work.

  • 90% of participants rated the experience as highly satisfactory and 100% would recommend the experience
  • Participants produced 21 community projects, sharing their learnings with more than 1,024 people

israel360 engaged 126 unique participants through four unique events with Israeli innovators, including:

  • Israeli Craft Brewing with Shapiro Brewery
  • Woodworking with Molet
  • Virtual Reality with Ayayu games
  • Virtual Paint Night with Cupixel


Our social media accounts accumulated 10,400 followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The israel360 podcast averaged 350 listeners a month for a total of 4,713 plays.

CJP was a premier sponsor of the second annual Boston Israeli Film Festival.


CJP has provided $160,000 for community needs in Haifa, which includes support for families served by Parents at the Center and other at-risk populations. These funds also provided food for Holocaust survivors through Yad Ezer L’haver, remote learning resources for students in the Ethiopian Jewish community, and support for small business owners.

Read more about our support for Israel and other overseas Jewish communities.


We invite you to explore our work and learn more about our historic partnerships with Haifa and Dnipro. Join us in creating a community of empowered global Jewish citizens by volunteering with us.